Choose the right Dental Laboratory for Implantology Posted on August 19, 2013

Implantology is an exacting and delicate procedure that takes a whole team of talent to execute well, and dentists have to be discerning in choosing the lab they want to work with when it comes to implants.
Sparkle Dental Labs believes it can be the perfect implantology partner for restoring dentists nationwide.
Sparkle Dental Labs is one of the few in the UK to receive quality assurance marks from MHRA, DAMAS and ISO. Every restoration also comes with a statement certificate, which guarantees that all products are crafted by highly skilled technicians using reliable and traceable materials.
Sparkle Dental Labs prides itself on using the latest CAD/CAM milling technology, as well as its ability to work with a wide range of major implant brands. The lab also provides great customer service with clear dentist to lab communication, and is readily available for consultation to discuss more complicated cases.
If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced partner for implant restorations, come to Sparkle Dental Labs.

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