GDC issues new guidelines on dental devices Posted on October 1, 2013

If it’s been a while since you’ve familiarised yourself with the GDC’s guidelines on dental appliances, now might be a good time for a review.
On 30th September 2013, the GDC’s old Standards for dental professionals and its supplementary booklets were taken out of effect. These were replaced by the new Standards for the Dental Team, along with seven supplementary Guidance booklets.
One of these booklets speaks about commissioning and manufacturing dental appliances. As there are several laws that dental practitioners must keep in mind when meting these out, the GDC reminds dental professionals of the rules through their most recently published guide.
For example, it is a legal requirement for all dental professionals to supply their patients with a statement of manufacture for any device that is made mainly outside the mouth such as bleaching trays, crowns, bridges and dentures.
This certificate must state the name and address of the manufacturer, confirmation that the device is intended for exclusive use by a particular patient, and the name of the practitioner who made out the prescription, amongst other details.
The new GDC Guidance also reminds dentists that if you commission or receive any dental device from someone in the UK who is not a registered dental technician, you may put your registration at risk.
Dentists who choose to outsource their dental work outside the UK also take on some added liability, as according to the Guidance they will be held professionally accountable by the GDC for the safety and quality of the appliance.
Dental prostheses, restorations and appliances play a huge role in the patient’s quality of life. Your choice of dental device can affect their ability to take in nutrition, communicate with others, and express social confidence.
Choosing a dental technician to manufacture these custom-made devices on your behalf is a decision that must never be taken lightly. But if you choose a reliable, UK-registered dental lab that can be held separately accountable for their work, you can also ease the burden of liability on yourself.
Sparkle Dental Labs are a good example of such a facility, as they offer quick turn-around times and prices comparable to that of outsourcing. Most importantly, they are registered with the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Dental Appliances Manufacturer Audit Scheme (DAMAS), and other regulatory bodies, which means that everything they manufacture is adherent to the strictest UK standards.
Sparkle also supplies all their clients with a legal statement of manufacture for every product they make.
When you choose the right laboratory, you not only receive quality dental devices, you also have a partner you can rely on that have the best interests of your patients and your practice in mind.

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