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British quality & service

Do you know exactly where your dental products are made? Do you get great service and a fast turnaround? What about the quality of materials and workmanship – is it always consistent?

Come to Sparkle Dental Labs and you’ll get all this and more. 100% of our products are handcrafted in Britain in hi-tech labs using the best materials. You can be sure of the quality, consistency, turnaround and traceability.

And to ensure you get British quality at a competitive price, we keep our own margins down.

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“Fantastic service and excellent quality. The work was turned around in 24 hours and I was able to speak to the technician directly”.

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Case Studies

“Lisa’s teeth were discoloured and irregular. Emax veneers were used to give Lisa, a straight, bright and attractive smile.”

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All our implant cases are crafted by experienced, highly skilled technicians.

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Fixed Restorations

Exquisite restorations with natural shape and colour that blend in beautifully.

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Removable Restorations

Extremely precise and comfortable, natural-looking restorations.

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A wide variety of choice at the highest quality and lowest possible price.

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CAD Milling Centre

Extremely accurate, excellent fit and quick turnaround of your orders.

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Sparkle Tooth Whitening

Visible whitening in less than a week and no need to hold stock.

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