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Changes happening at Sparkle

Posted on by alexhandley

Sparkle Dental Labs is a full-service facility that prides itself on British craftsmanship, excellent service and great partnerships with dentists.

In their persistent efforts to be the biggest and best, Sparkle continue to make changes to their service that can improve the way they fulfil all their clients’ needs.

New clear boxes for protection and infection control

Among recent customer care initiatives is the distribution of a new info pack that will be reaching everyone in their client base soon.

Together with updates on their products and services, the info pack will also provide dentists with new clear boxes that will serve to protect all items and products that are shipped between the lab and their customers.

Sparkle Dental Labs believes that this new method of transportation is a better way of ensuring product preservation and cross-infection control for everyone involved in the manufacturing process.

And Sparkle Dental Labs continues their commitment to green operations by making sure that these boxes are fully recyclable and environment friendly.

Sparkle Dental Labs reaches Scotland

Sparkle Dental Labs have also recently extended their scope of service to include dentists in Scotland who are looking for high-quality British workmanship at very competitive prices.

Dentists in Scotland will also receive personal attention from dedicated Sparkle representatives based in the area, to ensure that communications with the lab in Leeds are as smooth and stress-free as possible for practitioners.

Sparkle representative Kay Thompson, who is heading the launch of Sparkle Dental Labs’ Scottish service, says:

“Any problems with the service, any questions with the order, the dentists can call their dedicated Sparkle representative instead of having to spend time chasing up the lab themselves. Their rep is dedicated to making sure that all their concerns reach the technicians in a timely manner.”

“And of course,” Kay adds, “if dentists want to speak with the technicians themselves, they are always available, and this call is also something the rep can gladly facilitate.”

With the dependable delivery of Sparkle Dental Labs’ courier partner FedEx, practitioners in Scotland can also enjoy the same fast turn around times as the rest of their clients all over the UK.

Additional services such as these help ensure the satisfaction of all of Sparkle Dental Labs’ clients. And dentists can expect continued innovation from the laboratory, because service is the core of their business.  They always strive to make sure that every dentist who uses them gets the best in all aspects – in product, workmanship, partnership and customer care.