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NHS Removable Restorations

Sparkle provides great quality NHS CR/CO dentures at an affordable price. You can turn to us for both full and partial sets and you’ll get a variety of teeth styles to choose from. We use good quality acrylic and finish them to a high standard, fitting them on duplicate models to ensure a comfortable fit for your patients.

NHS partial and full dentures with  different teeth options


Private Removable Restorations

Our experienced experts produce both standard and high-end dentures for private patients. Choose from full or partial sets and a range of teeth for beautiful, natural-looking restorations. We produce high quality chrome-cobalt and high-impact acrylic dentures, as well as CR/CO and flexible combination dentures. Sparkle fits all dentures on duplicate models to ensure they’re extremely precise and comfortable for your patients.

High impact partial and full dentures with different teeth options:-

Chrome-cobalt and acrylic combination denture

Chrome-cobalt and Flexible combination denture