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We use only the best brands to manufacture our NHS products. To reassure your patients, each item comes with a statement guaranteeing its quality and stating that it adheres to NHS standards.

NHS Full/Partial Dentures
Unlike many other labs, we offer a wider selection of restorations to suit the needs of all NHS patients.

NHS Non-Precious Bonded Crowns and Full Metal Crowns
We manufacture our restorations using advanced computer-aided technology to provide a more accurate precise fit.


We’re continually researching and investing in the latest technology, so we can give you competitively priced private restorations without compromising on quality. Private High-Impact Full Dentures Unlike many others, our dentures won’t sacrifice flexural strength in place of high impact strength. Lucitone 199® exceeds all other acrylic denture base materials tested for impact strength and has greater resistance to flexure fatigue. The product’s fine powder also ensures a dense compact mix, avoiding porosity or raised bites.

Thermoplastic/Flexible Dentures We provide flexible dentures that are thin, lightweight, comfortable and extremely durable. They offer unparalleled simplicity, comfort and aesthetics; a modern twist on a classic product.

Private CAD-CAM Chrome-Cobalt and Acrylic/Thermoplastic Combination Dentures We’re one of the only UK labs to offer CAD-CAM Chrome-Cobalt frames. Our industry-standard, CAD-designed Chrome-Cobalt is scanned and surveyed using the latest 3Shape® software, ensuring superior accuracy and fit.

GC GRADIA® Composite Inlays/Crown/Veneer Unlike conventional composites, as well as providing the benefits of strength and durability, this light-cured Micro-Ceramic-Composite system delivers restorations with a colour tone close to natural teeth.

IPS e.max® Crowns and Veneers, Inlays/Onlays/Crown/Veneer IPS e.max® combines uniqueness and high performance, with materials that demonstrate exceptional esthetics, as well as optimum strength.

Private Porcelain Bonded Crowns (CAD-CAD) Our private metal bonded crowns are traditionally laminated using porcelain and the metal sub-structure below is CAD designed and CAM milled to offer a precise and accurate fit, resulting in the best of both worlds.

Layered Zirconia Crown and Bridge A superior product, suitable for full-arch, long span bridges. It can also be dipped in to exact Vita® shades.

Full Zirconia Crown and Bridge Our fracture-free Full Zirconia Crown is an ideal replacement for Full Gold Crowns. Did you know: choosing a Full Zirconia Crown over a traditional Full Gold Crown will save you approximately £40 per restoration?