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Protecting the future of Britain’s dental labs

Posted on by alexhandley

Some businesses are apprehensive about the idea of taking on a newly qualified technician due to misperceptions about the quality of work that will be produced, and question the motivation of the individual. Sparkle Dental Labs, known for its high-quality, British-made restorations wants to dispel the myths that surround such schemes, and assure the profession that the young people it employs are not only highly dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated individuals, but are also closely mentored, supported and trained before being permitted to work on difficult cases. It is this focus on high quality and comprehensive training that Sparkle Dental Labs will carry forward into the future.

Support young talent

The British dental lab industry is struggling. Currently, between 500 and 800 dental technicians leave the profession every year, and there are only 6,000 registered with the GDC. This is an extremely low figure, especially considering that only a decade ago the number was closer to 12,000. Britain is gradually losing a highly skilled workforce and as a result, more and more work has had to be outsourced overseas, which is less than ideal.

Sparkle Dental Labs is known for its dedication to giving newly qualified dental technicians top quality support and training. The lab was opened in 2012 with the aim of regenerating the British dental lab industry, reversing the trend of outsourcing and supporting the future of the industry through the careful selection and thorough training of newly qualified dental technicians. The company ensures that new technicians do not work on complicated cases until they’ve had at least 18 months’ experience, as it appreciates that only after a new technician has had significant lab experience do they have the skills and expertise required to work on more complicated cases.

Sparkle Dental Labs also enjoys a very low staff turnover. This is beneficial in many ways, including the fact that newly qualified dental technicians enjoy consistency in their training. A low staff turnover also means that strong, long-term relationships are easily forged with the dentists they work with.

The lab’s selection of new dental technicians rests on the applicant displaying a true dedication to their career, as well as enthusiasm. Those that are taken on are given valuable mentoring and instruction, learning from the team around them. The newly qualified dental technician shadows a senior technician and is trained up to a high standard of competence before they are allowed to work independently on cases.

Looking ahead

Sparkle Dental Labs’ vision is to make the British brand great, continuing its work as a leader of traceable British manufactured restorations and offering fast turnaround times, expert workmanship and competitive pricing. By employing newly qualified dental technicians and providing extensive training, mentoring and support, the company looks set to protect and nurture the future of the British dental lab industry.

Although dental lab technician apprenticeships were not available when Sparkle Dental Labs opened, the company is also keen to take on apprentices in the future and champions the idea of apprenticeships. Owner of Sparkle Dental Labs, trailblazing entrepreneur Mustafa Mohammed is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of highly skilled young technicians, who will not only be of great value and benefit to their lab – but to the UK economy as a whole, as well.