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Do you have patients that grind their teeth and cause dental damage?

Sparkle Dental Labs can join you in the fight against destruction and to help reduce the effects of bruxism by producing top quality night guards and splints.

After a detailed impression, you can rely on the expert knowledge of award-winning Sparkle Dental Labs to create accurate and efficient appliances.

As one of the largest British dental laboratories, Sparkle Dental Labs’ team of highly experienced technicians are committed to providing consistently good workmanship using cutting-edge technology and processes.

All products are handcrafted using first class, traceable materials, to exacting British standards and in full compliance with the regulations.

Dedicated to patient care, Sparkle Dental Labs understands that each patient deserves the best and extends the upmost attention to detail to every product.

Help your patients to avoid the damage of the grind now – put your trust in the expert hands of Sparkle Dental Labs and contact the team today.

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